How to eat granola for both healthy and diet ?

How to eat granola for both healthy and diet ?

Granola is a very popular and nutritious food in the world. But how to eat right for health benefits and weight loss? Olaben Nutrition shares 4 ways to eat granola healthy and effectively in your diet.

How to eat Granola for both healthy and diet ?

How to eat Granola for both healthy and diet ?

What is granola and how to eat nutritiously and lose weight?

Granola is a familiar dish for Americans in the morning. It is a mixture of many healthy foods with high nutrient content, especially high in protein.

Granola includes nutritious nuts such as walnuts, oats, almonds, zucchini seeds, maca seeds, dried fruits, and oats, it is crispy toasted with a beautiful golden brown color.

Granola is usually eaten in the morning as breakfast or as a delicious and nutritious dessert for children and adults in the family.

Benefits of eating Granola

Other Potential Health Advantages

Improves blood pressure: High-fiber ingredients like oats and flaxseed have been shown to help lower blood pressure.

Oats are a good source of beta-glucan, a type of fiber that has been shown to lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, two risk factors for heart disease.

Lowers blood sugar: Whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds can help lower and control blood sugar, especially in people with obesity or prediabetes.

Improvements in gut health: Granola has been found to increase levels of healthy gut bacteria, compared to refined breakfast cereals.

High in antioxidants: Ingredients like coconut, chia seeds, and Brazil nuts are good sources of anti-inflammatory antioxidants like gallic acid, quercetin, selenium, and vitamin E.

Diet with Granola

Granola contains ingredients like fiber and protein that help slow digestion, keep you fuller longer, and avoid cravings. From there, it supports beauty and weight loss most effectively if you are on a diet. In addition, eating granola for weight loss will be really great if women know how to combine diet and exercise rightly.

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Granola mix smoothies

This way of eating is very interesting, making the dish not only beautiful but also very nutritious. Likewise, with fruit smoothies, instead of the usual 1 tablespoon of chia seeds sprinkled on top, add 1 tablespoon of granola on top of your smoothie to enhance the flavor and crunchy feeling.

Granola mix Yogurt

Yogurt has low water content, so when combined with granola, you can enjoy a homogenous blend of crunch and texture. Using granola for breakfast with yogurt also works to regulate stomach tone by the effect of fiber and yogurt to help you lose weight effectively.

Granola mix Salad

You can absolutely use granola as one of the ingredients for your salad appetizer or a full meal. This can be considered a detox meal for the body to eliminate external toxins. Besides, eating this style is very good for your skin and hair.

Granola mix Sugar-free

Breakfast plays a very important role during the day, you should eat weight loss granola combined with unsweetened fresh milk in the morning to help you feel fuller for longer, limiting appetite, contributing to effective weight loss.

So Olaben has shared with you ways to eat granola so it's delicious, but also ensures nutrition and supports weight loss. This food is essential for you and your family's daily menu to have a body that is both alive and healthy. Consult and buy more products from granola here.

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